music themed wedding

Ellen and Steve’s Rockwood Manor, Potomac Maryland Wedding!

I recently had the honor of photographing Ellen and Steve's weddding at Rockwood Manor in Potomac, MD...and their wedding was nothing short of amazing! It had so many elements to it, that it's really hard to know where to begin! First off, Ellen was totally into the DIY mindset, especially because's a graphic designer and knows how to run with a theme. She incorporated lots of colorful patterns and fabric that were echoed in everything from her wedding tree poster to her cupcakes! They also added the element of music into the color scheme, which you'll see in the place cards that people had corresponding to different music equipment manufacturers (Gibson, Pearl, Steinway, etc.). Not only that, but they had a grooms cake that was a banjo! It was genius! And of course they had plenty of bands play at the reception (Steve included in one!), which really brought the whole night together.

My favorite part of the night was probably when the whole wedding was over and we went down to a bonfire that was on the grounds! All the guests got to bring their wedding favors, which were boxes with s'more ingredients inside! In the boxes were some super creative s'more recipes that I had never seen before (you know, I'm your typical plain Jane when it comes to s'mores), along with some unique candy and marshmallows...and people loved eating them at the bonfire! People also broke out cigars for the occasion, but the biggest surprise at the bonfire was...wait for breathers! *gasp!* I knoooooooooooow! Ellen's step-brothers are actual fire breathers, and one of the guests just so happened to get exactly what they needed in order to put on a little show for us. How cool is that?! You'll see in the shots below that it was pretty amazing. Especially when they pass the fire to one another (the three panel). Just incredible!

I could go on and on about how much I loved this wedding in terms of the people and the photographic opportunities, but I won't! I just want to say thank you to Ellen and Steve, their families, and all their friends who made the wedding so wonderful and such a pleasure to photograph. Also, many thanks to Anna and Anne of Graceful Weddings for keeping the day running smoothly for everyone. Enjoy the photos below!

Thanks for looking!