Kristi and Alex's Classic Tidewater Inn Wedding in Easton, Maryland!

I don't even know where to begin with Kristi and Alex.  Although it's only been a little over a year since our first meeting, I've grown incredibly close to this sweet couple.  I've taken their engagement photos, bridal portraits of Kristi and have now photographed their wedding.  I can't believe it's over!  Hopefully they'll find it in their hearts to let me photograph them some more and still meet me for tacos when I'm in Bethesda.  :) Kristi and Alex got married at the gorgeous Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland.  Their wedding day was perfect and sunny, and Kristi and Alex were both beaming throughout the entire day!  It's hard to pick a favorite moment from their wedding, but 1) I really got choked up seeing Alex cry walking toward the alter and 2) I laughed my butt off when Kristi and Alex struggled to get sand into their decanter (the sand in their bottles got stuck).  At one point Alex yelled, "We be...together!" while ferociously trying to get the sand out of his bottle.  It was hysterical!

I could go on and on about this adorable couple.  They're kind, funny and have an amazing sense of style.  I loved everything about their wedding day and hope you do too!  Also, special thanks to the Tidewater Inn and Wit Weddings for making this event so great!  Enjoy!

kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_01 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_02 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_03 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_04 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_05 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_06 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_07 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_08 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_09 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_10 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_11 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_12 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_13 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_14 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_15 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_16 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_17 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_18 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_19 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_20 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_21 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_22 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_24 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_25 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_26 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_28 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_29 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_30 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_31 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_32 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_34 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_35 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_36 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_37 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_38 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_39 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_41 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_42 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_44 kristi_alex_tidewater_inn_wedding_46

Vendor Team: Photographer: Lisa Boggs Photography Wedding Coordinator: Wit Weddings Venue: Tidewater Inn Hair: Shelby Anderson Beauty Makeup: Laura Adreanna Florist: Violet's Florist Cake: Julie Bakes Bride's Dress: Oscar de la Renta Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka Groom's Tux: Men's Wearhouse Videographer: Buerhaus Design DJ: Michael Bell of MyDeejay

Lisa Boggs is a Three-Time Fearless Photographers Award Winner!

Say whaaaaaaat?!  I won some awards?!  It's true!  Last year I decided to take the plunge and start entering some of my wedding photos into competitions, my first competition being with Fearless Photographers.  I cannot even begin to explain how intimidating Fearless Photographers is to me.  Each and every image I've ever seen from this group of photographers has floored me!  So, needless to say, I never thought in a million years I could win anything with it.  Plus, the odds are not fabulous...each image I submit has less than a 1% chance of receiving an award.  And those odds are only getting harder!  Eeek! Anyway, as luck would have it, I nabbed three awards, one each in Collections 20, 21 and 22!  I screamed like a maniac each time I received one and I'm convinced Penny the Dog thinks I was possessed each time.  But hey, what're ya gonna do?  :)  Here are the photos that won with little mini descriptions about the the photographs underneath:


"This was one of those photographs where you had to be right there in the action to get it in time! I was already following the best man and his girlfriend quite closely, as they had a ton of energy and were dancing wildly on the dance floor. In a span of seconds, I saw the girlfriend jump up on the best man, wrap her legs around him and then he proceeded to spin her around in the middle of the dance floor! I'm still not quite sure how I got this shot as the best man did not spin his girlfriend for long, but I'm so happy I did. It's a really fun, sexy, dynamic shot with lots of color and movement. Plus, I absolutely love the way the girlfriends hair looks in this photo. It's definitely a favorite reception photo of mine!"


"My couple happened to be dentists (who even met at dental school) and they incorporated the teeth/dental theme throughout their wedding. I had conjured up a few ideas before the wedding that had the same motif, but when I saw that my couple had floss favors at their candy table (so cute, right?) I knew I had to take a photo of them flossing together. So, after my bride changed dresses for the evening, I had my couple head into the bathroom for the flossing photo. The best part about this shot, besides it being completely silly, was that they really did floss their teeth and thanked me for having them do so. Apparently they needed a good flossing and didn't know it!"

lisaboggs-r22 copy

"When I found out that my couple owned a 1965 Plymouth Fury, I just had to photograph them in it! I envisioned the groom in the driver's seat with the bride behind him and their hands clasped together outside of their windows (focusing on the hands with the couple slightly blurred in the background). I have to admit, it wasn't the most natural of poses, but once I put them there, it just worked. We were in an average neighborhood, so to make the photo more visually appealing, I crouched down on the ground and shot up toward them. I was very pleased with the result and it's one of my favorite couples portraits I've ever taken!"

Here's hoping I can nab a few more Fearless Photographers awards this year, but with so much talent to compete with, it's going to be really tough to do!  At any rate, I'll just keep pushing myself to try new things and continue grow as a photographer and a person.  That's the very best I can do!

Thanks so much for reading!


P.S.  To view my Fearless Photographers profile, just go here!  Thanks!

Thank You to My 2012 Wedding Couples

Looking back on 2012, I am the luckiest lady alive to have been a part of 24 amazing weddings.  That's 48 individuals who got hitched, not to mention their families and friends that I had the pleasure of meeting as well!  So crazy! So, couples...are you reading?  :)  I want each and every one of you to know how honored I am to have been able to share your special day with you. The fact that you trusted me with photographing your wedding means the world to me!  And so I'm going to thank you, each couple at a time, with what what I remember most about your wedding.  And of course I'm going to include a couple of my favorite photos from your wedding day underneath my little notes!  So without further ado, here are my incredible couples...

Katie and Jeff, thank you for having one of the warmest weddings on record in February.  And thank you for letting me drag you around a country club looking for the perfect (non-golf course) shots.  Also, I will be opening my Nebbiolo soon, and I seriously can't wait.  Thank you for that!



Maggie and Lucas, thank you for allowing me to take those window photos of you guys.  I know each time we were really pressed for time, but the fact that you let me do my thing was so great.  Also, thanks for breaking some rules in Old Town and sneaking on to the dock where you got engaged for a photo!



Crystal and Stephen, thank you for your patience on a day when it rained all day long.  I'm so happy you brought umbrellas so we could at least go out in it.  And thank you to Stephen for having a security clearance so we could go take my favorite night time shot from your wedding.  Also, many congrats on your new addition to the family, little Lillian!



Suzannah and Keith, thank you for having one of the most relaxed weddings I've ever photographed.  Suzannah, than you for jumping up and down like a school girl right before you and Keith kissed (so cute!).   And thank you, Keith, for letting me wear your crazy warm coat during our freezing cold night time shot!



Maria and Wayne, thank you for your infectious optimism on the day of your wedding, even when we didn't have your ceremony outside.  I really loved the mariachi band, and, well, I can't thank you enough for having that margarita machine.  That was a first for me at a wedding and I hope to see more of them!



Helena and Dan, thank you for writing some of the most emotional vows I've ever heard.  I was crying like a baby while photographing you, but only out of happiness!   I loved spending the day with you, Marco and Gigi.  I can't wait to see your family expand with a new little girl in a few months!



Lauren and Kunal, thank you for being incredibly calm for one of the busiest weddings I've ever photographed!  Your cool demeanor kept me cool as well!  Also, thank you for that amazing Indian food and southern comfort food fusion.  I didn't know it could be done, but you guys knocked it outta the park!

thank_you_wedding_couples_2012_13 thank_you_wedding_couples_2012_14

Alexis and Andrew, thank you for having the most hilarious wedding party and guests ever.  Between the adorable ring bearer (I still get comments on him!) the bridesmaids dance and Kate Middleton and Prince William making an appearance...I seriously had a blast.  And that staircase shot will always be one of my fav's!



Mariah and Evan, thank you for your overwhelming positivity on your wedding day.  Your excitement to marry each other made me seriously giddy!  And thank you for indulging me and asking the firemen if we could take some photos with the firetruck!  I will never forget that!



Sarah and Justin, thank you for having such an emotion-filled wedding.  I think everyone felt a full range of emotion from tears to complete laugh-out-loud excitement!  And of course nothing was more exciting then Sarah doing the worm during the reception!  It was incredible!



Jess and Matt, thank you for having fun with each other on your wedding day.  You two were constantly looking at each other, making faces and smiling, which I just loved.  Matt, I'll always love that you shot hoops before your ceremony.  And I can't thank you both enough for having gluten-free Georgetown Cupcakes at the reception!  Made my night!



Amanda and Adam, thank you for one of the cutest first looks I've ever photographed!  Thank you for trusting me to take you outside in the shade for five minutes in the 110 degree heat, as I'm sure you were skeptical.  But hey, you both didn't sweat at all and you looked great!



Deanna and Joe, thank you for remaining the calmest of calm on a day where storms kept creeping in!  Even though a storm came through right before the ceremony, and even though it rained during some of the portraits, you guys were total champs and let me photograph you wherever I wanted.  Also, I'll never forget your sparkler exit which consisted of more smoke then sparkle due to the high wind!



Dayna and Ryan, thank you for being that couple that just wanted to get married real fast so you could celebrate!  What I remember most is your reception and what a blast you and your guests had dancing until the party was forced to shut down.  It was awesome!



Tracy and Adam, thank you for doing hilarious poses for me, like sticking your tongue out (which is an Adam thing) and wearing your sunglasses like badasses.  Also, thank you for being the first couple to introduce me to Gangnam Style at their reception!  And you guys totally knew the dance and everything!



Mia and Rob, thank you for being all smiles from start to finish, even when we had the threat of rain all day.  Thank you for indulging me with my obsession with the rooftop of the DAR Museum (loved those photos) and I thought Mia surprising Rob with donuts at the reception was exceptionally awesome!



Jen and Joel, thank you for being so excited to marry each other.  It was as if no other people were in the room but you all during your vows!  And thank you for inviting me to spend time with you family and friends prior to the wedding...just to get to know them.  I absolutely loved that!



Anne and Sam, thank you for persevering on your wedding day when a lot of stuff went wrong!  Sure the wedding started late, but it didn't matter at all.  It was incredible!  Also, thank you for hopping in my little car and riding with me up the hill to take some stellar portraits of you two!  It was totally worth it and I'd do it again!



Liz and Tim, thank you for letting me take a zillion photos of you guys, even though I know you're not photo people!  And thank you for walking up that staircase back and forth at the Hotel Monaco.  I was a little obsessed, but only because you guys looked amazing on it!



Natalie and Nathan, I think you officially win silliest couple of 2012!  Thank you for your energy and for always making everyone around you laugh.  Aside from the cigar photo, I think I'll always remember your epic bobble heads that you had at your wedding!  So cool!



Ashley and Will, thank you for being so low-key on your wedding day.  Thank you for never panicking even when so much was going on, and thank you (a million thank you's) for bringing your amazing Ducati motorcycle!  That is something I will never forget!



Karleigh and Jack, thank you for having the party of 2012!  I knew you guys were high-energy and so much fun, but when your reception rolled around, I had no idea it would be like a rock concert!  It was seriously one of the best times I've ever had at a reception!



Evan and Shari, thank you for trying to take outdoor photos when it was frigidly cold!  You guys really made an effort, which was amazing.  I still loved our indoor photos, and I really loved our nighttime shot of you guys in front of the key bridge!



Molly and Dave, thank you for your excitement about each other leading up to your first look.  I just love the portraits of you two together!  And thank you for having a fun, upbeat reception where even I got to let loose and hang out with you guys and some friends.  Your wedding was the perfect ending to my 2012 year!



Thank you again to all of my incredible couples!  I couldn't have done it all without you!  I hope you are well and I'm sending you so much love from the bottom of my heart.

Best wishes,



Sarah and Justin's Woodend Nature Sanctuary Wedding!

Not too long ago I had the honor of photographing Sarah and Justin's wedding at Woodend Nature Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, Maryland!  What I love about Sarah and Justin is that they're two of the most sincere people you'll ever meet.  There's no denying that they love each other with all that they have, and I absolutely loved seeing that translate in their photos! Sarah and Justin both elected to not see each other before their big Chuppah ceremony, and they even chose to not see each other during the traditional Jewish Ketubah signing!  I had no idea how those photos were going to turn out (their families and friends held up a barrier between them), but I actually really liked them!  At one point Justin winked at the camera which was just so dang cute.  The Chuppah ceremony outside looked amazing, especially with the pops of navy and yellow in the decor that Sarah and Justin included in the ceremony!  Both Sarah and Justin each had the most touching sentiments toward one another during their vows (and yes, even I got weepy), and you can tell in the photos how much they care for each other.  They looked just as stunning in their outdoor portraits before we came inside to par-tay!  And of course, Sarah completely stunned everyone later in the night with her worm dance that was, I'm sure, the best I've ever seen.  I mean, when a bride is willing to do that on the dance floor in her dress...she clearly is the winner of all the worm dances...ever.  :)  We wrapped up the night with a gorgeous night time shot under one of the huge trees at Woodend, and I could not have been happier!

Many thanks to Sarah and Justin and their families and friends for having myself and Mike tag along for this special event!  We had a blast!


Thanks for looking!



Alexis and Andrew's Oxon Hill Manor Wedding!

It's pretty crazy to think that I met Alexis and Andrew almost a year and a half ago!  Alexis found me through the amazing local area blog, United with Love, and I couldn't be more thankful for that!  I've enjoyed each time I have spent with this couple, whether that was at their engagement session or just meeting to go over wedding logistics.  They're just awesome! Alexis and Andrew's wedding day began at the Embassy Suites in Old Town, a gorgeous hotel not too far from Oxon Hill Manor.  I really loved some of the getting ready photos, just because you could really feel the emotion of the day in them.  Alexis looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown, and you could see how excited all her bridesmaids were for her!  Once we all arrived at Oxon Hill I was able to take a few bridal portraits of Alexis which I just looooooooove.  She just has this old Hollywood glamour about her that is hard to stop photographing!  But I think my favorite getting ready photo was of Alexis and her dad in her suite.  Taken through the mirror on the wall, you can see her father's excitement seeing her for the first time in her dress.  It's just so sweet!

The rest of the wedding day was absolutely beautiful.  Alexis and Andrew's ceremony was a traditional Ukrainian ceremony, which had a lot of elements I enjoyed.  My favorite part was probably the crowning of Alexis and Andrew.  This was when Alexis and Andrew were both crowned with wreaths, which symbolizes that they will be the king and queen of their own family kingdom, ruling side by side.  Who wouldn't love that?  :)  After the ceremony we took lots of awesome photos, and it you'll notice through the photos you see that the wedding instantly turned into a fun celebration.  Everyone was just having an amazing time, even before we started the reception!  Once the reception started rolling though, more fun was to be had for sure.  One of my favorite parts of the reception was her maid of honor starting her toast to Alexis, but then launching into a dance sequence with the other bridesmaids and dancing around Alexis.  It was amaaaaaazing!  But I can't forget about one of my favorite guest appearances, Morton the mallard.  It's a tradition with Alexis and her Boston University gals to bring Morton to every wedding they attend and make sure he's photographed throughout the reception.  I think Morton had a great time (as did I!).

Many thanks to Alexis and Andrew for having me photograph their big day!  I had an absolute blast!  Also a huge thank you to Maria at HJ Planners for all of her hard work, along with Zack Pope of Roundz Catering for making some of the best food I've ever had at a wedding!  I hope you enjoy the photos!

Thanks for looking!



Alexis and Andrew's Oxon Hill Manor Wedding - Sneak Peek!

This past Friday I finally got to photograph Alexis and Andrew's wedding at Oxon Hill Manor in Oxon Hill, Maryland!  I've been waiting over a year for their special day, and I was so excited to be a part of it.  I was also excited to try out a photograph I had pictured in my head for a while with the two of them, which was on the staircase at Oxon Hill.  It's one of my favorite shots from this year, and I hope you enjoy it!  More to come!

Thanks for looking!



Lisa Boggs Photography Wins WeddingWire Bride's Choice Awards 2012

I’m excited to announce that for a third year in a row, Lisa Boggs Photography has won a WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award.™   Yay!  Here’s the press release below: “Great Falls, Virginia, January 9, 2012

WeddingWire is thrilled to announce Lisa Boggs Photography has been selected to receive the prestigious annual WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award 2012 for wedding photography in the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland area!  This is the third year Lisa Boggs Photography has won this award!

Lisa Boggs Photography stands among the top five percent of wedding professionals in the WeddingWire community, representing quality and service excellence within the wedding industry. Awards were given to the top wedding professionals across 20 service categories, from wedding venues to wedding photographers, and were based on the overall professional achievements throughout the past year.

‘WeddingWire is honored to celebrate the success of the top-rated wedding professionals within the WeddingWire community,’ said Timothy Chi, WeddingWire’s Chief Executive Officer. ‘With the annual Bride’s Choice Awards program, WeddingWire has the unique opportunity to recognize the best wedding professionals across the US and Canada. We applaud Lisa Boggs Photography for their professionalism and dedication to enhancing the wedding planning experience last year.’”

Yippee!  This means that Lisa Boggs Photography is among the very best of wedding photographers in the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland area.  This is within the WeddingWire Network, which includes leading wedding planning sites WeddingWire, Martha Stewart Weddings, Project Wedding and Weddingbee. Thanks to all of my wonderful clients who have given me 50 5-Star reviews and counting.  To see these reviews, visit the top left corner of this page, and click on the teal-colored reviews tab.

And here’s my fancy certificate:

Briean and Casey's Hurricane Irene Wedding - Part Two!

If you missed part one of Briean and Casey's Hurricane Irene wedding, go here!  Otherwise, keep reading for some recap of the reception, along with some gorgeous detail and reception photographs! By this time of the wedding we have made it passed the insane outdoor photos with the wedding party and happy couple, Briean and Casey.  Everyone, of course, got completely drenched in the rain, even with umbrellas! Our umbrellas, unfortunately, were no match for the 25-30 mph winds outside, but they did make for some lovely props!  :D

After all the craziness, heading indoors at The Sunset Room at National Harbor was such a nice, warm welcome!  The room was simply stunning, and really captured the essence of Briean and Casey's nautical theme I had heard so much about.  I don't even know where to begin on the amount dedication that Briean and Casey put into their details!   So I'll just start listing all of my favorites:  wooden sailboats as table "escort cards," wooden oars for guests to sign (that Briean and Casey can later display in their home), nautical lanterns as table centerpieces, Briean and Casey's favorite Bethany Beach go-to places as table names (all neatly framed, of course), a giant porcelain boat to hold all of the beer, cocktail napkins with questions about Briean and Casey on them (in the wedding colors, obviously), roped boat knots lining the cocktail chairs and a "Hail to the Hurricane" signature cocktail added the day before the wedding.  Other amazing details were the simple white cake with a gorgeous giant flower, made my Purple Onion (mimicking the flower on Briean's sash she wore with her dress), plus ruby red slippers that Briean changed into for her "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" dance with her father.  See what I mean?  Briean and Casey had everything covered!

Aside from the details, I just really loved how excited and energetic the whole wedding reception was.  Yes, there was still a hurricane going on outside.  Yes, the lights would flicker every once in a while (particularly later in the evening, as things got worse the later it got).  Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed themselves!  The food was incredible thanks to Purple Onion and the dance floor was hopping thanks to DJ Blazin Hot (who came straight from Bethany Beach for the wedding!).  The speeches were incredibly touching and the love in the room was palpable.  I enjoyed every single minute of it!

One more thing I want to say is about the last photo I took, which ended up being one of my favorites of the whole wedding.  Something the Gaylord does down at the National Harbor every Saturday evening in the summer is have a fireworks show at 9:30 pm.  Briean and I had talked about that well in advance and had totally planned out the shot we were going to do with the fireworks in the background.  Well, needless to say, the fireworks were completely cancelled due to the hurricane.  However, throughout the night, I kept noticing how cool the raindrops looked on the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Sunset Room, particularly when they were backlit by some outdoor lights.  So, with the same shot in mind as the fireworks, I wanted to illuminate Briean and Casey and capture the window with raindrops in the background.  I was so stoked at the final result of that photograph, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  If it can't be fireworks, I'm definitely happy with this as a runner-up!

Thanks again to my gorgeous couple, Briean and Casey, and to their family and friends for allowing me to capture this incredible event amidst a hurricane.  I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  :)

Thanks for looking!



Briean and Casey's Hurricane Irene Wedding - Part One!

Where do I begin with Briean and Casey?  It's been almost a year since I met them, and even though we don't hang out on a regular basis, I definitely consider them to be friends!  They're just an incredible couple inside and out.  I shot two amazing engagement sessions for them, one of them last winter and one this spring, and I honestly can't get enough of hanging out with these two.  That's why it's so crazy that their wedding is over and done with! Briean and Casey's wedding theme was perfectly suited for the two of them, as they both have a unique history with everything nautical.  Casey used to be a rescue diver in the Coast Guard, and Briean's favorite place to be in the world is Bethany Beach.  Not only that, but Briean worked at National Harbor for quite a while!  So when Casey proposed to Briean at Bethany Beach last year, it was no surprise that once they began their wedding planning they went with a classy nautical theme to tie everything in (not to mention planned their reception at National Harbor).  With a white, pink and navy color palette, Briean worked her magic all over this wedding and it pulled together to look amazing!

Of course, one aspect of the wedding we weren't counting on was the fact that a hurricane would be a part of it!  I had just returned from a small trip on Monday to see the news reports of Hurricane Irene brewing in the Atlantic, with the trajectory hitting the east coast, and *gasp* the Washington, D.C. area on Saturday!  Both Briean and I were a little panicked, but we both stayed calm and just came up with a backup plan.  I knew that we would probably have to do most of the formal photographs inside, but I told her we may want to venture out into the rain to get some of the shots I know she envisioned for the wedding.  I have to say, I was completely impressed with Briean, Casey and their wedding party.  I have never met a more passionate group of people who were willing to do whatever it took to get the perfect photographs!  For me, it was a dream, because I'm a huge weather nut, so I was up for anything!  But it was just so amazing to see everyone pull together for the happy couple!

I could go on and on here, but this is only PART ONE of Briean and Casey's wedding!  So, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  :)  Enjoy everyone, and stay tuned for part two!

The salon provide Brie with a hurricane drink:

Many thanks to the Westin National Harbor for letting us shoot indoors:

And now...the outdoor photos!  Also, yes, the four inside-out umbrellas were made that way from the wind, I promise:

Outdoors it looked more like this with all the dark swirly clouds:

Running to the reception:

Briean's garter was falling down so Casey was a big sweetheart and helped a girl out.  Isn't this shot adorbs:

Thanks for looking!



The Washingtonian Features Lisa Boggs Photography!

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my most recent wedding of Briean and Casey was just published in the Washingtonian!  Squee!  Right after Briean and Casey's wedding I knew someone would want to cover it.   It took place on Saturday, August 27th in the middle of Hurricane Irene (and I know most weddings in the area were cancelled because of the hurricane).  Photographed at National Harbor, my husband and I were still able to get the photographs that Briean envisioned for her big day...even in a hurricane!  I cannot thank the Washingtonian enough for writing about Briean and Casey and posting some of my images.  I am so thrilled with the whole experience (if you know me well, you know I like extreme weather, so this really fit!), and I thank everyone who was an encouragement to me right before this wedding!  Many thanks to Briean and Casey for entrusting me with their photos (and their lives!) during Hurricane Irene! Below are the screen captures, but to read the article on the Washingtonian, just go here:

Thanks for looking!




Briean and Casey's Hurricane Irene Wedding - Sneak Peek!

I have to write a huge post for Briean and Casey following this one, as there are so many great things to say about them and great photos to share.  But, for now, here's a sneak peek of one of my favorite images from the day.  Hurricane Irene looks beautiful on the window, no?  ;)  (This was originally supposed to be a fireworks shot, you know...before the hurricane came through.  I'm pretty sure I love it more than fireworks!)

Thanks for looking!



Megan and Tim's After-Wedding Portrait Session at Brookside Gardens!

I think I've officially discovered something from Megan and Tim's portrait session, and that is that every bride loves to twirl in her wedding dress.  And let's be honest, not only does she feel awesome while she's twirling, but she looks awesome...and so does the dress for that matter!  Well, you'll get to see Megan twirl a couple of times in the photos below that I took from our session at Brookside Gardens! Megan connected with me a few months back with the idea of taking some portraits taken, because their wedding photographer was very photojournalistic at their event.  So there are very few portraits of Megan and Tim alone and very few shots that really showcase the dress as well.  I told her I was completely game and met up with them just a few weeks ago to have some fun!

Brookside Gardens is a really stunning place for portraits.  I had never been there, but I most definitely will be back, if anything just to roam around and take in all of the scenery!  I really felt like it combined elements I like from Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, along with stonework similar to Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown.  Although it was incredibly hot the evening Megan, Tim and I set out on our adventure, you can't really even tell!  Megan and Tim looked awesome, and it was such a pleasure getting to walk around, take their photos, and get to know them.  I was really pleased with the photographs we got, and I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks so much Megan and Tim for letting me take some portraits of you!  (We'll just try to forget how horrendous I looked after sweating all over the place...ha ha ha!)  :)

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Katie and Tom's Georgetown and Silver Spring Wedding!

Katie and Tom are the kind of couple I could sit back and chill out with all the time.  In fact, we met up at Adega in Silver Spring for their consult and walk-through and just relaxed, drank some wine and beer, and had a great time.  So knowing that their wedding is all done makes me sad, as I might not get to hang out with them anymore!  :(  But enough of me moping...on to their wedding! TomKat (oh yeah, I went there!) had their gorgeous wedding ceremony at Georgetown University in Dahlgren Chapel (an alma mater of Katie's).  After the ladies left their hotel, they continued getting ready over in a classroom of Healy Hall at Georgetown, and I absolutely had to utilize the giant chalkboard they had in there for some photos!  Some of my favorite shots of the day were the ones of Katie making a list of things she had to do on her wedding day.  So cute!  Katie and Tom looked amazing during the ceremony and totally beamed with excitement.  :)  After Katie and Tom were married, they wanted to go to The Tombs, a local bar and restaurant that Katie used to work at when she was still in school at Georgetown.  So we walked over there and got a few photos (and they got drinks!) before we headed off to the reception!   Their reception was held at the Silver Spring Civic Center, a new building in downtown Silver Spring that is a beautiful modern space for people to utilize for events.  I was instantly drawn to its modern structure and gorgeous wood on the outside of it, which you will see in the last two photos.

Many thanks to Katie and Tom for inviting me to be a part of their wedding!  I had such a fun time with them, their family and their friends.  Like I said, it's sad that it's all over, but I'm so happy I can share these photos with them!  :)  Enjoy!

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P.S.  If you didn't see their photo booth, check that out here!  :)


Published Work of Lisa Boggs Photography!

This year has been a great year for Lisa Boggs Photography in terms of being published on a few different sites!  One site that's near and dear to my heart is, of course, United with Love, which is a DC-Area blog launched in 2010 (and it has been amazingly successful with DC brides-to-be!).  They were so kind to feature me last year here and here, and included me this year in a feature series they did on DC-Area wedding photographers (aka, Photography Week)!  Every bride still on the hunt for a photographer should read that whole series! UWL is a great resource for all brides-to-be, so definitely check it out if you're looking for vendors!  Anywho, here's a screen shot below from where they quoted me (click for full post):

Next up is an even newer blog to the DC-Area called Bayside Bride!  They're  an Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay Area dedicated blog that love to post everything nautical!  So when I submitted my sailboat-themed engagement session with Briean and Casey, they jumped on it!  Here's the screen capture (click for full post):

And lastly, national blog Elizabeth Anne Designs just featured Brooke and Aaron's vintage book-themed wedding on their site, which was incredibly awesome!  Many thanks to Ami for the feature and to A Sweet Soiree for the amazing planning of that wedding (which made it gorgeously publishable!).  Here's the screen capture (click for full post):

Many thanks to all of my clients and vendors who have all had a hand in these publishing opportunities.  It would not have been possible without you!  Of course, the year isn't over with yet and I'm excited for some other publishing opportunities that appear on the horizon for Lisa Boggs Photography!  So definitely check back to see what we're up to!

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Aubrey and Alex's Howard County Conservancy Wedding!

I was so excited when I booked Aubrey and Alex, not only because they are a really cool couple from Baltimore (who also own a really cool dog named Athena), but because they were having their wedding at Howard County Conservancy!  I've always wanted to photograph at this location!  Between the rolling hills of tall grass, the old barns, and the awesome garden areas, it's really quite an outdoor photographers dream! The day started off really hot, so I knew I'd have to keep Aubrey and Alex as cool as possible!  The ceremony was outside in a pretty tree-covered area, so that at least alleviated some of the heat and kept the bright sun off of their faces!  Aubrey and Alex looked so amazing and in love during their ceremony.  Aubrey even cried a little bit during their vows and I got a little choked up!  They're just so cute!  After the ceremony I took the wedding party to the inside of a nearby barn so they could get their inner-model on, and then finished up with some portraits of Aubrey and Alex.  Later on in the evening I took the newlyweds back outside for some portraits in the field which I really loved!  We were this close to having a storm in the background of their photos, but alas, the clouds dissipated and went away (and, lets be honest, probably not best to be in the middle of a field during a storm, yes?  Yes!).

Many thanks to Aubrey and Alex and their families for having me out to photograph this special occasion!  I had a blast and I sincerely hope you enjoy your photos!

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